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Advocacy Service Details for Pilots and aviation litigation


With the increase of airports and airplanes in our country, an increase in the cases related to aviation started. Disputes with aviation claim from Kartal law firm serving in Istanbul are resolved in a short time. Our law firm, which provides private lawyer services to pilots, plays an important role in the solution of lawsuits filed for repossess aircraft. The solution of these cases, which are necessary for the development and growth of our country, is also a guide for other cases. Aviation litigation, which seems to be related to aviation law, has increased significantly recently. Many aviation issues are discussed and resolved in these cases.


 Solution of aviation litigation


Aviation litigation, which seems to be related to aviation, is usually opened by pilots. These lawsuits are filed with aviation claim and the case is processed by all parties. Repossess aircraft is aimed as a result of lawsuits handled by the skilled and experienced lawyers of Kartal law office. Many lawsuits followed by our law firm end in favor of our client. This adds success to our office’s success and increases its references.


The success of a law firm is measured by the number of cases won. For this reason, our lawyers are working with full force to end all their cases positively in a short time. Our law firm also closely follows developments and innovations in all aviation-related issues. In this way, the resolution of the disputes becomes easier.


Aircraft Cases


Our lawyers, who take an active role in the execution of cases under aviation business law, which include all cases related to aircraft, work for repossess aircraft. These cases are concluded at different times according to the claims of the parties. The time to finalize these cases, which pilots usually apply with aviation claim, varies according to the size, complexity and claims of the parties.


Thanks to our competent and experienced lawyers, the aviation litigation work carried out with great care is concluded in the shortest time possible. Thanks to our law firm, where many disputes have been resolved about aviation, it is now in great demand due to our success in this field.


Lawsuits Conducted According to Aviation Law


All aviation litigation seen with aviation law is increasing over time. Although these lawsuits have been filed for different purposes due to different disputes, they are usually all interrelated. For this reason, all aviation cases are actually the guides of the cases to be seen from now on. Along with the development of the aviation sector and the construction of new airports, there is a significant increase in the number of disagreements in this area. Our law firm, which provides private advocacy services to pilots, ensures that all incoming cases are owned and executed until the end.


These cases, which concern many people, are considered necessary for the development of our country. Many cases that we encounter with common solutions of different disputes are now resolved in a short time. Our most reliable lawyers are involved in employee employers and all aviation related cases. As the number of cases won by our lawyers increases, the trust of people in our law firm increases. In this way, the number of lawsuits our law firm looks at is increasing. Our clients are deemed to be right with many of our lawsuits, in which the trials were concluded positively as a result of a trial with a strong and correct defense.